Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gerber Artifact Mini Tool

Gerber Artifact Mini Tool
* Overall Length: 4.8" approx
* Length Closed: 3.5"
* Blade: EAB #11 hobby blade
* Weight:
* Safety: None
* Lock: Frame
* Action: Thumb pad
* Tools: blade, cross driver, flat driver x2, bottle opener, wire stripper, pry-bar
MSRP: $14.86

What I like:
I was surprised to find how useful a small pry-bar can be; it works great on staples, too. The cross-driver is easy to use. It's various tools all seem functional. Despite the shape, it is not uncomfortable to keep in one's pocket. The blade can be cheaply replaced, extending the life of the tool, and eliminating the need to sharpen it. The blade locks open very securely.

What I don't like:
The blade, advertised as one-hand-opening, it a pain to access. Literally. I find it hard to open and requires pressing a finger very close to the edge of the blade, even when using two hands. An extremely sharp blade and a lot of pressure is a combination likely to cause injury.

I bought mine for $10, and it's certainly worth the money. The difficulty in opening the blade does significantly reduce it's overall usefulness, however. It probably will not replace your usual multi-tool, but it is an outstanding choice to compliment it.

The blade has loosened up considerable. It's still not one-handed, but it's very easy when using both.
I am still surprised by how useful this tool has been.

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