Saturday, February 12, 2011

New OS: Crunchbang Linux

I recently installed Crunchbang (#!) linux, replacing OpenSuSe 11.3.
Here's a screenshot of the desktop.
I'm currently using Openbox and tint2 (both are default pakages with #!).

In the top left is conky, a system monitor which runs as part of the desktop.
The off-color box directly under that is an editable field made with xpad; simple click and type.
the web browser is IceWeasel, based very closely on FireFox... close enough that all the plug-ins and most of the themes work.

I was surprised that #! recognized my webcam and joystick without a problem. Also while it doesn't quite recognize my video or sound card, it displays and plays everything just fine; something OpenSuse just refused to do.

#! seems to be faster and more responsive than both Vista and Opensuse 11.

You can create a Live CD at which you can put in you computer when you start it, and sample the OS without installing or altering your current set-up.
Give it a try.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Recent Acquisition: Taurus PT99

Taurus PT99
(Click for larger image)

Must of the guns I've purchased, I've done so with some specific reason in mind (summer carry, home defense, teotwawki, etc)... This one I bought it because I liked the wooden grips.

It shoots great, now I need to find a holster for it. I've got some nylon that'll fit it, but I think it'd look nicer in some leather.
It's accurate, and very easy to shoot. It is a HUGH pistol, though, especially for a 9mm.

The Taurus PT92 and 99, are clones of the earlier Beretta 92, back when they had a frame-mounted safety. In fact, when Taurus began production of the PT92, it was manufactured using Beretta machinery.
Since then, Beretta has moved their safety to the slide, while Taurus has kept it right where it ought to be. Due to a more minor design changes to both the PT92 and the 92FS, only some of the parts remain interchangeable; luckily, the locking-block is one of them.

The PT92 has a slightly thick trigger guard than the Beretta, meaning that any form-fitting kydex made for the Beretta might not fit the PT. This includes the Blackhawk SERPA, not that I'd want to use that anyway.


As already mentioned on some other blogs...

The Department of Homeland Security has seized another number of web domains without due process.