Saturday, February 12, 2011

New OS: Crunchbang Linux

I recently installed Crunchbang (#!) linux, replacing OpenSuSe 11.3.
Here's a screenshot of the desktop.
I'm currently using Openbox and tint2 (both are default pakages with #!).

In the top left is conky, a system monitor which runs as part of the desktop.
The off-color box directly under that is an editable field made with xpad; simple click and type.
the web browser is IceWeasel, based very closely on FireFox... close enough that all the plug-ins and most of the themes work.

I was surprised that #! recognized my webcam and joystick without a problem. Also while it doesn't quite recognize my video or sound card, it displays and plays everything just fine; something OpenSuse just refused to do.

#! seems to be faster and more responsive than both Vista and Opensuse 11.

You can create a Live CD at which you can put in you computer when you start it, and sample the OS without installing or altering your current set-up.
Give it a try.

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