Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rossi M92 Ranch Hand

The Ranch Hand, chambered for 357 Magnum (or 38 S&W Special).

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to try it with the Magnums, yet, but it's plenty of fun with the 38s. Easy to shoot, and accurate as any other handgun I've got.

There are a few things I'd prefer to change about it though... I'd have liked if the barrel was another inch or two shorter (like McQueen's), and if the hand grip was a bit shorter too. They probably could have taken a total of 3 or 4 inches off of the total length of the gun without much sacrifice.
Regardless, this is a fun gun to shoot, and I'm looking forward to getting to try some 357s in it.

EDIT: Having now tried firing some 357s, I have to say the it handles pretty much the same as it does with the 38s. Considering the size of this "handgun," the magnum round doesn't make much of a difference. I did have some trouble with the 357s feeding, the nose of the round occasionally got stuck on the top of the chamber. I'll need to try a few other brands.

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