Saturday, November 12, 2011

Recent Acquisition: S&W Combat Magnum (19-3)

Smith and Wesson Combat Magnum
Model 19-3

The legendary Combat Magnum, chambered for the powerful .357 Mag.
Designed in 1955 to provide police officers with a light-wieght, yet powerful sidearm, the S&W Combat Magnum (Model 19), quickly gained popularity. Prior to the Model 19, an officer wishing to carry the more powerful .357 load, would have been required to carry the much larger and heavier model 27 or 28.

Weighing in at 36 oz, it's still heavy by todays standards, but considering the chambering, I wouldn't want it much lighter, anyway.
Mine has a wide trigger and hammer installed, with the original thinner set in a small baggy. Also included was a receipt from S&W for the work.
The tool kit includes a rod, bore-brush, and mop, which all seem to be unused, as well as a small screwdriver.
It came with all the original paperwork, and the blue-gray box.
The timing is great, and the trigger is smooth.

All and all, I think it's a pretty good find, especially from a collectors stand-point.

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